Pope Francis received our petition!

Some very good news for all of us, Reverend Monsignor Paweł Ptasznik gave our petition into the hands of the Holy Father. Several days ago, we received word that Rev. Paweł gave our petition to the Holy Father as we had arranged. His Holiness was pleased with our... read more

A meeting with the Reverend Monsignor in Rome.

On December 22nd, one of the initiative’s sponsors, Maciej Gnyszka, traveled to Rome along with the National Family Minister, Przemysław Drąg.Reverend Monsignor Paweł Ptasznik, who our representatives met with, assured us that he would give our petition into the... read more

A prayer for entrepreneurs and startup founders.

Dear readers, We are pleased to publish this “Prayer for entrepreneurs and startup founders” sent to us by Mr. Jacek. We cordially invite you to pray with us.8 Prayer for entrepreneurs and startup founders Almighty God, through Your love, the world learned... read more

Holy Mass for entrepreneurs and startup founders

It is our honor to invite you to the third of twelve monthly Holy Masses, which will be celebrated in the intention of Polish entrepreneurs and startup founders. The Mass will be held at the Cathedral of Michael the Archangel and St. Florian the Martyr in Warsaw on... read more